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Virginia Athletic Council (VAC)
The Virginia Athletic Council (VAC) is a 501(c ) (3) non-profit tax exempt organization dedicated to providing a positive, character-building youth sports experience through academic informative programs, mentoring, and life-skill solutions to student athletes regarding adherence to rules, regulations and legal policies that address student athletes thereby cultivating the next generation of responsible leaders in Virginia via athletics.. For more information, visit us at www.vac365.org.

Amateur Sports News Network
Amateur Sports News Network (ASNN) is an independent voice created out love for sports at all levels. We celebrate the life and times of all athletes by providing non-bias information including all of the goodies you have come to expect from a sport magazine and site: scores, statistics, updates, schedules, profiles, action shots, interviews, and much, much more. We understand that no one goes it alone. . . Thus, we have incorporated an opportunity to stop hating the media and actually become it! This slogan provides our communities an avenue to submit their own stories of accomplishments to an audience that may not have been published before.  For more information, visit us at AmateurSports365.com, as well as follow us on ALL of the social media platforms

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In the Kennel Sports Podcast Show is to provide a venue to showcase student-athletes achievements on, as well as off the field of play.  In order to accomplish this, your hosts, Seth and Steve Fitch, are committed to providing a superb service which include mentorship, event promotion, news, team information, profiles, special features, and photography - all dedicated to Amateur Sports - collegiate, high school and middle school athletes, coaches, students and fans.  Our podcast are available to you 24 x 7 x 365 via this site, as well as iTunes.

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